Dental Implants




EndoporeŽ Dental Implant

The EndoporeŽ implant was developed in response to the need for a simpler, less invasive and biologically more compliant implant system. The EndoporeŽ has numerous surgical advantages compared to traditional threaded implants.

The EntegraTM Dental Implant

The Entegra
TM implant was designed with compatible connections for use with the EndoporeŽ line of restorative products. The unique no handling, pre-mounted delivery system allows for rapid and precise implant placement.
Bone Regeneration Materials


Bone Regeneration Materials

TM Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) available in a Matrix, Gel or Putty configuration and Cytoplast Barriers Membranes (resorbable & non-resorbable).






Dental Surgical Systems and accessories


The one-of-a-kind Bi-Directional Telescopic Distractor can be placed sub-mucosally to correct various forms of micrognathia. Unilateral and bilateral devices are available, therefore distraction osteogenesis can be employed on one or both sides of the mandible.

A complete line of surgical instruments and equipment for implant surgery, periodontal procedures and oral surgery reconstruction's.




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