MPS (Myocardial Protection System)


The Quest MPS� system is designed to enable accurate and safe drug delivery. The combination of Spline-Piston pumps and state of the art pressure sensors have resulted in the development of advanced techniques, drug therapies, and perfusion support. Used in over 50,000 cardiac procedures, the MPS system is the primary delivery system for ongoing research and development of advanced blood protocols, treatment for reperfusion injury, and acute myocardial infarction.


Microplegia On-Pump System benefits:

  • Reduced hemodilution and myocardial edema

  • Reduced hemoconcentration and blood usage

  • Improved K+ management

  • Advanced pressure, air and temperature control

PADCAB� Off-Pump Support System benefits:

  • Medicated blood provides hemodynamic stability

  • Minimize cumulative ischemia

  • Confidence of graft patency

  • Security to provide complete re-vascularization

Targeted Blood Perfusates through MPS provide:

  • Site specific drug delivery

  • Accuracy to deliver short-acting drugs

  • Safety of pressure controlled delivery


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CleanCut Rotating Aortic Punch


The aortic punch is intended for creating an opening(s) in the wall of the aorta or other selected vessels to prepare a site for anastomosis.

CleanCut Benefits:

  • Rotating cutting action requires less force and produces a uniform opening at the anastomotic site

  • Self-aligning cutter mechanism minimizes the potential for mechanical jamming

  • Six sizes and two lengths are available for a wide variety of surgical needs

  • Solid feel, solid performance

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Cardioplegia Cannulae

  • Manually-Inflating Retrograde Cannulae

  • Self-Inflating Retrograde Cannulae

  • Antegrade Aortic Root Catheters

  • Cardioplegia Perfusion Sets

  • Vessel Cannulae


The Quest Antegrade Cardioplegia Catheters are intended to be used to deliver cardioplegia solutions to the heart or for venting cardioplegia away from the heart via the ascending aorta. This catheter may also be used to aspirate air from the ascending aorta.

Unique Features:

  • Uniquely molded tip holes eliminate flash

  • Distal tip of cannula is fully molded for easy and problem free placement

  • Flexible vent line tubing helps reduce torque on aorta

Perfusion Sets

The Quest Vein Graft and Coronary Perfusion Sets are intended to be used during a cardiopulmonary bypass procedure to connect multiple coronary catheters to a single infusion line.

Unique Features:

  • Permanently connected barbs eliminate possibility of luer/tubing separation

  • Molecularly bonded slip connectors eliminate possibility of bond failure

  • Constructed of soft tubing for flexibility
    Easy clamping during delivery of cold cardioplegia


The Quest Coronary Sinus Perfusion Catheters are intended for use in perfusing blood or cardioplegia solutions via the coronary sinus during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.

Unique Features:

  • Available with the Vers-A-Grip Handle
    Self and manually inflating balloons

  • Malleable guide wire or shapeable stylets
    Silicone or PVC cannulae body Vers-A-Grip advantages

  • Better feel and guidance control during placement
    Multiple grips

  • Accommodates all hand sizes

  • Provides a more secure grip

Vessel Cannulae

The Quest Vessel Cannula is intended for use in cardiovascular surgical procedures to test the integrity of vein grafts prior to attachment to coronary arteries and to facilitate antegrade cardioplegia administration directly down the vein graft following completion of the distal anastomosis.

Unique Features:

  • Soft material - soft atraumatic tip for less irritation

  • More flexible - easy to use and creates less torque

  • Kink resistant - ensures consistent flow

  • Version with one-way high flow check valve prevents backflow and maintains pressure to facilitate examining vein graft integrity

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Is an air-cushioned vascular loop designed to provide today�s surgeon maximum control and visibility of the anastomotic site with minimal trauma to delicate tissue. Not only does it occlude vessels to stop the flow of blood to the anastamotic site, but it can be used to hold or position an organ to improve visualization of the site.


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Devices for OPCAB, Robotic Surgery & continous retrograde cardioplegia. SaddleLoop devices are part of the Retract-O-Tape family with radiopaque silicone tubing, 10 cm in length, with sealed ends to provide an air-cushioned surgical tool for manipulating anatomical organs and structures to either retract them or ligate vessels with minimum trauma.





Perfusion Safety Products:

  • VRV II Left Vent Valve

  • Perfusion Products

  • Arterial Filters & Bubble Traps

  • Pre-Bypass Filters

  • Purge Line w/ Unidirectional Check Valve

  • Disposable Pressure Monitoring Separator

  • PLEGIAGUARD pressure relief valve




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The Quest ACTester is an economic alternative to manual testing methods and is up to � the cost of other automated coagulation time instruments.

Lower operating costs can result from decreased heparin requirements and reducing the risk of possible clotted dialyzers.


  • Requires a low patient blood sample of only 0.6ml.

  • The ACTester is a point-of-care instrument operated by a rechargeable battery or by line voltage.

  • A handy carrying handle allows the unit to be carried to the patient's bed side for ease of operation.

  • ACTester disposable tubes are pre-marked with fill line indicators.

  • The ACTester is portable, compact and light weight


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